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21 December 2018

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Last autumn active design work launched on the development of the ice Palace project documentation in the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur – the administrative center of the Nikolaev district of the Khabarovsk territory.

With the participation of the executive specialist of the Chief project engineers’ Bureau of PI-No.1 V. Tomashukov workshops were held on the  of the design of the ice Palace under the chairmanship of A. M. Leonov, the head of the municipal area.

To date, the issues of design of engineering systems (water supply, power lines), the device of storm drainage, improvement of the surrounding area and installation of stands inside the gyms have been resolved. A preliminary plan to provide the facility with thermal energy has been adopted. The issues of seismic conditions of the territory, the terms of delivery of building materials are taken into account.

In the area of development within the streets of Kirov, Gorky, Chikhachev and Soviet there are certain nuances in the network economy that must be resolved before construction. The head of the district M. Leonov repeatedly pointed out to all participants of the project to carefully read the documents and drawings.

PI-No.1 presented a preliminary design of the Palace on visualizations. The main entrance will go out on the Soviet street. The design works of the ice Palace should be completed in 2019.

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