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30 April 2019

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Elena Igorevna Slinkina
11/24/1959 - 04/30/2019
The administration of the Project Development Institute №1 reports with deep sorrow that on April 30, 2019, after the severe, prolonged illness, the head of the pricing section of the Financial and Economic Department of PI-No.1, Elena Igorevna Slinkina, passed away in the 60th year.
Elena Igorevna was born in the city of Leningrad, in 1983 she graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation. Over the years, she has gone through a professional career from an ordinary engineer in the development of instruments and units for navigation systems to an experienced engineer-surveyor, and she headed the estimated departments in different organizations.
During our joint work, we learned Elena Igorevna as a specialist of the highest qualification, a modest, intelligent and highly educated person, a principled leader, who took great care of his employees and the reputation of the organization.
Elena Igorevna has always been extremely correct with her colleagues, she was able to clearly and competently explain her professional position, she shared with interest the accumulated knowledge and experience with young employees, appreciated decency and mutual politeness.
We express deep condolences to the families and friends!
Elena Igorevna's departure is an irreparable loss for the team of the Project Development  Institute No. 1, the bright memory of her will forever remain in our hearts.

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