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5 July 2019

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The procedure for re-examination of project documentation has been recently simplified. The relevant Federal Law, developed by the Ministry of Construction of Russia, is posted on the official web-portal of legal information.

The legislative changes were developed by the Ministry of Construction on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation following the meeting of the State Council Presidium in Kazan, organized  last February. They are designed to eliminate one of the most painful issues today in the field of expertise and construction, the need for re-examination of any, including minor, changes in project documentation.

Such a measure will allow to reduce by 3-6 months the construction of facilities, including those built under the programs of national projects, with full preservation of the requirements for ensuring the safety of buildings and structures.

In particular, the expertise of the project documentation on the decision of the developer may not be carried out if the design documentation, which has previously received a positive expert opinion, has been modified without affecting the supporting building structures of the object (except for replacing individual elements of such structures with similar or other improving indicators of such structures ). Or if these changes to the project do not entail a change in the class, category, and / or initially established performance indicators of linear objects.

No re-examination is required if the changes made to the project do not lead to violations of the requirements of technical regulations, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, requirements in the field of environmental protection, industrial safety, state protection of cultural heritage, safe use of atomic energy, and to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical power systems and power facilities, the requirements of the anti-terrorist security of the facility.

Assess the compliance of changes made to the project documentation and received a positive conclusion of the examination of the project documentation, all the necessary requirements and the task of the developer or technical customer for the design, will be the executive authorities or organizations that conducted the examination of the project documentation.

The procedure for expert support and issuance of the conclusion of the expert review of the project documentation, as well as the procedure for confirming the compliance of the changes made to the project documentation with all the necessary requirements during the expert support, shall be established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Developed measures in which expertise is “embedded” in the construction process are the Minstroy’s new approach to eliminating administrative barriers in the design and construction, with full preservation of safety requirements for facilities, worked out on behalf of Minister Vladimir Yakushev.

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