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13 September 2019

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The Mayor of London, together with the design bureau Bryden Wood and the construction company Cast, has released an application for smartphones and tablets that simplifies the design process as much as possible.
The free PRISM mobile application helps place new buildings in empty places on the map of London, get options for standard projects that will comply with the building rules on this site, and calculate their technical and economic indicators.
The development of the application was funded by the administration of Greater London. Officials explain that the city needs about 50,000 new apartments annually, but the traditional design process significantly slows down the pace of industrial housing construction, and its results are not always predictable. Also, according to the Mayor of London, the optimization of design at an early stage will help to improve the quality of the living environment of new buildings.
“Technology has revolutionized many areas of life - from the economy to automobiles, and now it’s the turn of residential construction. This is the only way to meet the growing demand for housing and social infrastructure, ”said Jamie Kresser-Brown, one of the creators of the application, the architectural director of Bryden Wood.

London will be the first city in the world to make sure of a freely-available app of this kind, sharing precision housing knowledge and leveraging technology to revolutionize the design process. The designers believe that making the app open source will encourage greater collaboration and means that this innovation can be used and further developed by the global community.  

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