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Development of building standards and regulations for 2019

11 January 2019

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The 2018 plan for the development of building standards and codes of practice within the framework of the national standardization program has been fully implemented; the emphasis was placed on the development of regulatory documentation regarding innovative materials and technologies. Next year’s plans include updating the regulatory framework to eliminate obsolete materials and technologies. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia Vladimir Yakushev, summing up the work in the field of technical regulation.

In 2018, 58 drafts of codes of practice, 77 drafts of national and interstate building standards in the field of construction were developed. “In the outgoing year, the work on standardization was aimed at ensuring the safety of buildings and structures, introducing innovative information modeling technologies, energy efficient and polymer composites, creating an interstate regulatory framework in the field of construction, taking into account the requirements of international standards. Special attention was paid to the development of regulatory documents related to innovative materials and technologies. Next year, the updating of the regulatory framework will focus on the implementation of the indicators of the National Project “Housing and Urban Environment”, which will introduce advanced materials and technologies in the design and construction and establish restrictions on the use of obsolete ones, ”Vladimir Yakushev explained.

The basis for the work in 2019 was the conduct of applied scientific research (research and development), which ensured the determination of standardized parameters in the field of construction. 78 such works were carried out. The results of the scientific works carried out in 2018 will be used to update the normative technical and methodological documents in the design of buildings and structures, including on perennial frozen soils in the Arctic regions.

For 2019, the approval of 80 standards is planned. 53 works are planned on the development of new joint ventures, revision (updating) and introducing changes to previously approved codes of practice in the field of engineering surveys, designing foundations and foundations, designing in seismic areas, operating residential, public and industrial buildings and transport facilities.

For example, there is an active work on the new Code of Rules “Bridges with structures made of aluminum alloys. Design rules ”, the development of which was commissioned by JSC UC RUSAL TD. The Ministry of Construction of Russia is developing a document together with the specialists of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, TC 418 “Road Management”, EMERCOM of Russia, TC 274 “Fire Safety”, TC 465 “Construction”, NRU MGSU and the Aluminum Association. The joint venture project was repeatedly discussed at professional sites, expert opinions are accumulated and analyzed. The final version of the standard will be introduced in 2019.

In addition, 248 technical certificates were issued for the speedy entry of innovative materials and technologies into practical use of the FAU “FСS”.

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