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Minstroy reminded of the new rules of project design

8 February 2019

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The Ministry of Construction reminded the  project designers of the new technical norms and rules that have entered since the beginning of the 2019, drawing attention to three new and five modified joint ventures:
1) Protection of buildings and structures from progressive collapse - a set of rules “Protection of buildings and structures from progressive collapse. Design rules. The main provisions. (SP 385.1325800.2018. Order of July 5, 2018 No. 393 / pr). The document spelled out the basic provisions for the design of buildings and structures of the normal and elevated level of responsibility of classes KS-2 and KS-3 of various structural systems in order to ensure their protection against progressive collapse. The set of rules also established the requirements for design, construction materials and their characteristics when calculating structures for resistance to progressive collapse. In addition, there are requirements for design models, loads and impacts, constructive measures to protect buildings of various structural systems from progressive effects. The requirements of the joint venture do not apply to the design of transport and hydraulic structures, as well as objects of cultural heritage.
2) Retaining structures - a set of rules “Structures supporting. Design rules. (SP381.1325800.2018. Order of July 23, 2018 No. 444 / pr). The document contains requirements for engineering surveys, design of supporting structures, flexible, massive and corner supporting structures. The requirements of the joint venture also apply to the design of fastening structures, the design of supporting structures and fastening structures. In addition, the rulebook takes into account the impact of the construction of a supporting structure on the surrounding buildings and specifies the design features of basement walls.
3) Translucent polycarbonate constructions - a set of rules “Translucent polycarbonate structures. Design rules ”(SP 386.1325800.2018. Order of July 11, 2018 No. 417 / pr). The document spelled out requirements for materials used in translucent polycarbonate structures for quality and safe operation of such structures, as well as requirements for their design. The requirements of the document apply to translucent structures with monolithic, multilayer, profiled polycarbonate panels and modular polycarbonate structures.
4) Tramways - changes to SP 84.13330.2016 "SNiP III-39-76 Tramways" (Order No. 394 / pr of July 5, 2018). The document clarifies the terms and definitions, makes additions to the general provisions, in the section concerning the design and construction of the roadbed and drainage device, topsides, pavements of the tram tracks. Also in the code of rules are technical requirements for the construction of a contact network of trams.
5) Refrigerators - changes to SP 109.13330.2012 "SNiP 2.11.02-87 Refrigerators" (Order No. 395 / pr of July 5, 2018). The document is supplemented by requirements for space-planning and design solutions, water supply and sewage. In addition, the regulations on the protection of the soils of the foundations of refrigerators from frost currents are specified.
6) Landworks and foundations - changes to SP 45.13330.2017 "SNiP 3.02.01-87 Earthworks, foundations and foundations" (Order of July 5, 2018 No. 396 / pr). The changes clarify the norms in the sections relating to the consolidation of soils, their compaction, the installation of ground pads and preconstruction compaction of weak water-saturated soils. Also, the document clarifies the technical requirements for the device embankments and backfill.
In addition, in January, amendments to the JV 20.13330.2016 "SNiP 2.01.07-85 * Loads and Impacts" (Order of July 5, 2018 No. 402 / pr) and to the JV 55.13330.2016 "SNiP 31-02 -2001 Single-family residential houses ”(Order of July 10, 2018 No. 415 / pr).

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