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24 May 2019

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On the 19th of May, 2019 engineers and specialists of Project Development Institute No.1 took part in the III all-Russian half marathon “ZaBeg”.

The half marathon started simultaneously in more than 15 regions of the Russian Federation. In total, about 9000 people started in St. Petersburg at various distances (in 2018, there were about 6000 participants):

21 km – more than 2000

10 km – more than 3200

5 km – more than 2600

2 km – more than 1000

Project Development Institute No.1 team was one of the most cohesive. The event was attended by employees from different departments: Architectural Studio, Chief Project Engineers’ Office, Complex design studio, Project Implementation Department, Administrative Department, Studio of Building information modelling, as well as employees of the cafe “BUREAU”.

Participants have chosen routes of 10 km and 5 km long. The fastest from the employees of PI-No.1 on the distance of 10 km again was Mikhail Krylov, who finished with the result of 43 minutes, improving his own result compared to 2018 for 5 minutes! On the distance of 5 km the best result was performed by Alexander Tarsukov, his time: 29 minutes.

At the end of their distances, the organizers awarded each participant with a medal. Congratulations to all participants of  “ZaBeg”!

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