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31 May 2019

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As part of a survey of institute employees in 2018 on topics of interest for meetings of the PI-No.1 Business Club, in addition to technical subjects, the direction of personal growth was identified. In November 2018, the first workshop “Communication Framework” was held under the guidance of a trainer Natalia Sokolova, PhD. In continuation of the development of this direction, on May 23, 2019, the topic “Time Lord” was presented to the members of the Business Club PI-No.1.

The stated meeting aroused great interest of the staff of the institute: more than 25 people took part in the meeting. 15 of them were direct participants in the training under the guidance of the psychologist Yulia Kramerova, the rest were listeners.

At the training, colleagues learned about the correct setting of goals, ways to achieve them, about the organization of working and personal time, and learned how to compile a time log “Timekeeping”. Of particular interest was the question of the "kidnappers of time", it was discussed in some detail.

The topic presented still keeps its relevance, as the speed of life increases, and the need to plan your time becomes not just an interest, but a necessity.

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