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19 July 2019

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At the XXXIX meeting of the Intergovernmental Council for Cooperation in Construction, recently held at the Government of the Tyumen Region, chaired by the Head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation V. Yakushev, they discussed the development of the construction expertise institute.
Yakushev noted that one of the key problems in the construction sector is the low quality of the projects submitted for consideration. “The Ministry together with Glavgosexpertise are working to improve the quality of design in the country. You can carry out certification, look for more qualified personnel, but you need to start with education - by updating the curricula of construction universities. Specialists should work with new information products, understand BIM technologies, 3D-design. There is also a reform of the pricing system in construction. All this should lead not only to improving the quality of projects and justifying budget savings, but also to optimizing the timing of the implementation of facilities, ”said the Minister.
Deputy Head of the Glavgosexpertise of the Russian Federation, S. Balashova, reported that organizations of state expertise in 2018 had issued almost 80  000  conclusions. The annual budgetary savings due to the activities of the institute is about 11% of the originally announced price of capital construction projects. In addition, during the state examination of projects for construction and reconstruction of especially dangerous, technically complex and unique objects, thousands of accidentally dangerous errors are eliminated annually. So, in 2018, only Glavgosexpertise of the Russian Federation identified solutions that could lead to emergency situations with disastrous consequences in 875 sets of project documentation.
S. Balashova also added that the further evolution of the institute of construction expertise provides for the transformation into the institute of performance management of construction projects. In the coming years, such priority areas of development are defined as the transition from the classical understanding of control to data management, the optimization of processes and examination procedures, the work of all expert organizations in a single information environment, the provision of management of the construction cost system and the creation of a knowledge base generation system.
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