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20 September 2019

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On the 19th of September, 2019 the regular meeting of the PI-No.1 Business club, dedicated to the Grand opening of the Museum on September 19, 2016 in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Project Development Institute No.1 and the second anniversary of the start of the Business club was held.

The participants were welcomed by the Deputy CEO Tatiana V. Ignatieva and the Chairman of the Business club Jacob L.Kreer.

The organizers of the Business Club noted the constant interest of the Institute staff to meetings with experts of the design and construction community and the events, as well as the desire of colleagues to expand the theme of the meetings.

J. L. Kreer spoke not only about the meetings held on professional topics, but also about the increase in the number of excursions held for PI-No.1 employees and their relatives and friends: over the past period of 2019, we visited the Lyceum of A. S. Pushkin, the Museum of the art workers of the besieged Leningrad at the Shostakovich school “…And the muses were not silent”; visited the courtyard of the Philological faculty of St. Petersburg state University, The Museum in memory of the fighting to liberate the “Nevsky Piglet” “Breakthrough”, and also went on a bus tour “Masonic Petersburg”. The club management plans to organize new meetings and excursions in order to improve the professional and cultural level of PI-No. 1 specialists.

During the meeting, a regular guest at our wrap-up meetings of the Business club, a former designer of P-No. 1 and then Head of the Department of automation, 1990-2000 Evgeniy I. Glezerov – presented a report on the development of a model series of no-frame-constructions with trusses span from 18 to 24 m and shell roof structures to 106 m, dedicated to the memory of talented designer, keen on his work – Head of the special engineering Department Rafael Aronovich Gershanok.

At the end of the meeting all participants of the Business club celebrated significant events in the cafe “Bureau” with traditional tea and pastries from our chef Alexander Borisov.

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