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29 November 2019

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Within the  current agenda of the Business Club of JSC PI-No.1 in November, a guest lecture of the famous Latvian architect Girt Kalinkevich was organised on the theme “Riga Architecture - a Combination of Old and Modern”. Riga, as the largest city in the Baltic States, has long been a leader in urban tourism, and to a large extent this is a merit of its architecture, woven from the styles and directions of different eras. The founder of the Loft architectural bureau, Geert talked about how the architectural appearance of the city was shaped, what are its distinctive features from other cities in the Baltic states and the Scandinavian region, and how specialists plan and organize redevelopment of historical buildings into new social and business spaces. Such objects attract even more attention of residents and tourists of the city, often becoming  hot-points of  activity in the field of cultural communications, services and hospitality.

The lecture aroused great interest among the visitors; after its completion, the colleagues addressed the lecturer questions about the features of the modern design process and architecture in the Baltic states, relations with state institutions and investors. Later, the participants moved to the Cafe Bureau, where they shared their impressions of their trips to Riga in a cozy atmosphere.

JSC "PI-No.1" thanks Geert Kalinkevich for a meaningful and interesting lecture on the architecture of Riga and looks forward for further cooperation.

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