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30 January 2020

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The first scheduled meeting of PI-No.1 Business club was held On January 28th, 2020. The topic was: “Modern ways of transforming space with the help of sound-proof sliding walls and partitions”.

Grigory Neymits, sales Director of the company “Folding”, acted as an invited speaker.

Issues of space transformation are becoming extremely relevant today, as designers come up with more and more unusual formats for using space, offer multifunctional zones within a single room in order to save time and money for the construction of separate zones and offices or rooms.

It is the sound-proof sliding walls and partitions that allow you to change the layout in a short time with minimal effort, as quickly as possible, functionally and without demolishing existing walls. In this case, there are no coordination costs either, since the partitions are not load-bearing and can be easily parked, returning the room to its original appearance.

The presented topic aroused great interest among the audience, colleagues asked questions, and briefly discussed received information.

The meeting was held in a constructive atmosphere in the White hall of the negotiation complex “Territory of meetings”.

After the session, the cafe “Bureau” opened its doors to participants and guests of the Institute with traditional treats such as pastries, tea and coffee.

We thank the representatives of the company “Folding” for an interesting and useful presentation of the offered products.

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