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6 February 2020

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The Ministry of Construction of Russia approved the code of rules “High-rise buildings and complexes. Fire Safety Requirements”, which establishes fire safety requirements in the design and construction of high-rise buildings and complexes in one regulatory technical document, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev.

“An important event has happened - as a result of interagency cooperation between the Russian Ministry of Construction and the Russian Emergencies Ministry, a set of fire safety rules for high-rise buildings has been agreed. This is an example of combining the efforts of departments to create a safe and comfortable environment for people's lives, understandable and transparent conditions for business. Practical application of the code of rules “High-rise buildings and complexes. Fire Safety Requirements ”will eliminate the need to develop a large number of special technical conditions (STU) for ensuring fire safety in the design and construction of high-rise buildings. However, the main significance of the document is that its implementation will ensure the safety of people, ”said Vladimir Yakushev.

The head of the department emphasized that thanks to the joint work of the two ministries, it was possible to develop a set of rules that includes requirements for highly specialized technical conditions, and expressed hope for further close interaction between the two departments in the work on regulatory regulation.

Development of the joint venture “High-rise buildings and complexes. Fire Safety Requirements ”was carried out as part of a set of measures to develop the regulatory technical and scientific base in the field of construction in order to increase the level of safety of people in buildings and structures in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law dated December 30, 2009 No. 384-FL“ Technical Regulation on safety of buildings and structures. ”

The developed set of rules contains fire safety requirements for space-planning and structural solutions, ensuring safe evacuation of people, engineering systems of buildings and fire protection systems, ensuring the activities of fire departments, organizational and technical measures of high-rise buildings and complexes.

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