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13 March 2020

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In February 2020 employees of the Project Development Institute No.1 took part in the excursion to the Water Museum, created by “Vodokanal of Saint-Petersburg”, in the framework of PI-No.1 Business club. The announcement of the tour aroused great interest among regular members of the Business club and those who joined our project for the first time.

On a fine Saturday morning, a group of tourists walked from the Chernyshevskaya metro station to the Water tower on Shpalernaya street. Colleagues chose the tour “Underground Petersburg” - a multimedia exhibition in the left extension of the tower.

In the spacious hall there is a giant model of the historical center of St. Petersburg, created by the Institute of architecture by the request of “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”. In the beginning of the tour during a 10-minute video describing the condition of systems of water supply and treatment, and the role of water utility in the city, the model suddenly came alive, began to glow and sparkle of lights, it is an exciting performance delighted the tour participants.

Then we were able to take a closer look at the model, find familiar places and went on an unforgettable journey underground, repeating the path of water: from the water intake through pipes to flats – and back to the treatment facilities. We were able to trace the entire path that water passes under city streets and houses: from the water intakes at the bottom of the Neva river, through the filtration Department of a water supply station, then through the city water mains - to the basement of an ordinary residential building, from where water rises to flats. We learned that crawfish – animals that live only in clean water, and in the presence of pollution give people a signal about their presence with a rapid pulse – work at stations to assess the quality of water.

We walked along the bottom of sewers, visited Bely Island on-line, where in 1978 the first large complex of sewage treatment facilities in St. Petersburg was opened – the Central aeration station.

The excursion allowed us to look at the life of our city from the inside, to feel the rhythm of its infrastructure, and to re-keep in mind the importance of clean water in human life and the planet as a whole, and to appreciate the enormous work carried out by the “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” to provide each of us with clean drinking water.

Save water, friends!

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