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27 March 2020

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At the beginning of summer, in the village of Villosi, Lomonosov district, Leningrad Region, the second stage of the comprehensive improvement of the territory will begin as part of the federal program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. Its peculiarity is that the environment of the settlement is completely transformed, landscaping will affect every yard, every street. For the village created a unique design project for comprehensive landscaping, which will completely change the appearance of Villosi.

Initially, two years ago, the local municipal administration applied to the Department of Design of the Architectural Environment of the University. Then a team of specialists and students of SPbUACE developed the concept of improvement and development of the entire village. Then began the design of working documentation and project implementation. Last summer, the entrance zone from the Gatchinsky highway was improved and the first stage of the intra-quarter territory is the space inside four apartment buildings. Walking routes, transits and approaches to the front door were laid, new parking spaces were arranged, driveways were expanded, small architectural forms were installed, and multi-level lighting appeared. The number of subjects staying people with the creation of an environment for games and recreation has been increased. Huge work has been done on system gardening. Local residents positively perceived the work and called the courtyards, which are already landscaped, “Art Quarter”.

This year, the area near the House of Culture will be put in order, a skate park will appear, work will continue on the implementation of pedestrian and transport infrastructure, driveways, parking lots, improving the quality and ecology of the environment through continued reconstruction of the landscaping system and the integration of green components in the landscape. In addition, a recreation area with a playground, an amphitheater and wooden flooring will be organized. Also next year it is planned to improve the main square.

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