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Leningrad reinforced-concrete plant No. 5

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One of the most important projects at Project Development Institute No. 1 in 1954–1955. Breakthroughs in the design field were to drive breakthroughs in the construction industry as well. The plant itself was built in Leningrad Region using new structures developed at the Institute for the production of new construction parts. The plant was erected using wide-panel pre-fabricated structures, many of which were used in construction for the first time, such as: combined stressed beams with a 15-meter span, lattice work with an 18-meter span, double-curved pre-fabricated stressed vault-envelopments measuring 31x18 m, and precast, pre-stressed reinforced-concrete galleries without intermediate supports. From the moment of its startup, reinforced-concrete plant No. 5 has been a unique manufacturer of new standard structures for construction. 

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